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gyroEchoes is still under development but will be available next summer

Words about development ...

February Update


The Kickstarter was unsucessful but I'm still hoping to continue working on GyroEchoes.

I have been looking into other ways of getting funding and I‘m planning on changing the artstyle and some of the game mechanics before making a playable demo which I can try to use to secure funding.

For now my time is fully engaged by my work at Split Path Studio. Check back for more GyroEchoes news in the summer

The Kickstarter is live!


After a short delay the gyroEchoes Kickstarter has been approved and is now up, you can check it out here if you havn’t already, and pre-order the game at a discount.

I’ll be very busy these next few weeks but please get in touch by e-mail, or through Facebook or Twitter or Kickstarter if you have any questions about gyroEchoes.

I’m considering doing updates weekly to keep everyone informed of progress with the campaign, but I need to focus on getting the word out as much as I can before then.

The other rewards I’m offering include t-shirts the soundtrack and an artbook, I did the best I could to offer worthwhile rewards for any backers.

I hope you find the game interesting and consider supporting the Kickstarter, and please, please share it your friends

See the here.

First look at gyroEchoes


The first trailer for gyroEchoes is up and ready to be shown at Norwich Game Expo during Norwich Sound and Vision festival. Please check it out and be sure to spread the word about the upcoming Kickstarter. I am hoping to launch the Kickstarter next week until November 17th. gyroEchoes wonít be made without your support.

And so it begins gyroEchoes.


After 6 months of preparation, the website is up and I am ready to announce my first major game, gyroEchoes. I’m so excited to share this with you as it is for me the realisation of a life long dream. I intend to keep my posts infrequent and interesting, but please do check back every few weeks to see how things are coming along.

Lately I’ve been incredibly busy preparing for the Norwich Game Expo, which is shaping up to be an awesome event, you should definitely check it out if you’re in the area.

Just a few pieces of promotional art up at the moment I’m afraid, but you can look forward to a trailer very soon.

- Pieter Jollans Designer and Developer of gyroEchoes.