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About gyroEchoes…

gyroEchoes begins when a robot awakens in a valley to find himself damaged; not knowing what he is, what to do, or where to go, scared and alone the little robot ventures out into the mists searching for something or anyone.

gyroEchoes is a narrative driven third person Action/Adventure game where you play as a lost and damaged robot searching for life and a purpose in an artistically embellished, desolate world set in the distant future.

gyroEchoes uses a cel-shaded art style to emulate the look of hand sketched characters in painted environments.

gyroEchoes is set for release on PC, Mac and Linux next Summer if the upcoming Kickstarter is sucessful.

gyroEchoes is being developed independently by Pieter Jollans.

About me …

I’m Pieter Jollans and thank you for visiting the gyroEchoes website. I am a 3D artist and programmer. I am incredibly passionate about creating computer and video games, that is what I dedicate all of my free time towards as well as my professional life. I am looking forward to sharing my game gyroEchoes with you.

I’ve got a 1st class foundation degree in Games Art and Design from Norwich University of Arts. I have worked on 2 small games before, I worked as one of the programmers for the game ‘Mountain of Scrap’, which was developed for the Brains Eden 2013 Game Jam. I also worked as the creative director, programmer and musician behind ‘In Too Vivid’, which was created for the iamagamer Female Lead Character game jam which I participated in remotely.

I hope you’re as excited about gyroEchoes as I am, please check back for more updates about gyroEchoes in the near future.